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ShareX import code (Test on 13.5.0): Click me or

Upload a file:
To upload a file using:

Request fromdata:
Name Type Description
uploadType number 0 = file upload
1 = url upload
file file/string file or url to upload

Property Type Description
success boolean is upload success
message string upload result message
id string full upload file id (if success = true)

info object:
Property Type value
boxID number file box id
rawID string raw file id

Using raw method:

Just add file as binary to body with Content-Type and Content-Length headers.
You will get response same as upload.

  • File with extenstion: .exe .msi .cpl .scr is not allowed!
  • Maximum upload size: 1GB (supporter up to 2GB)

View/Download a file:

To view/download using:

If file not found or deleted it will return
Property Type value
success boolean false
message string file id :id not found / file id :id deleted

To request file meta using:

It's have response 2 object and 1 property.

Property Type value
success boolean is request success
fileMeta object this object meta is pull from header when upload and auto detected by server

fileMeta object:
Property Type value
id string file id
fullID string full file id
boxID number file box id
timeStamp number (long) upload timestamp
originFilename string orginal file name before upload
cleanFilename string clean file name after upload
uploadType number 0 = file upload
1 = url upload
2 = raw upload
contentType string upload content type
encoding string encoding type
md5 string file unique md5
size number file size (bytes)
view number file view counter