Common questions & rules
Thanks for using Loli's Box we hope this will helpful by upload some file and send to you firends
And this is common question if you want to ask me more feel free to email me

Please don't upload
  • File with extenstion: .exe .msi .cpl .scr
  • Child pornography (nah you can love loli but this it illegal, no please.)
  • Heavy gore Sexualized depictions of minors and Bestiality and sexual violence
  • Viruses or Malware
  • Full length of TV shows or Movies or Anime
  • Any leaks files
  • Arcade dumps or any dumps
  • and any illegal files.
If you upload above this, file will be deleted and you will get IP-blacklisted.

For commercial services
Loli's Box is not allowed to use for commercial services if you want please ask me to approval frist!
You can ask me at email:

Support Loli's Box
You can support us at: Ko-fi